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How amazed will you be, when you...

"Watch A Torrent Of Internet Cash Visibly Flood Your Inbox!"

If Cash Automatically Filled Your Bank Account Like Magic Each Time YOU Pushed A Button..."


Will You Ever Stop Doing It?

The truth is stranger than fiction.

Imagine this...

It's Sunday evening, and most people have to get to bed early cos they have to wake up to a horrible alarm clock to make the dash-board pounding drive to work.

Not you though.

Tonight, you're gonna in the knowledge that you CAN sleep in tomorrow morning, and awaken a happier man when you take the 30 second commute and skip over to your computer to see how much money you made overnight - while you were sleeping!

What do you do for the rest of your day?

Figure out what to do with all that free time!

You could, decide where and what to eat for lunch, go shopping, or even cruise down to your favorite car dealership and pick out that fancy sports car you've always wanted. How about adding on a new state-of-the-art stereo system, and DVD player?

It's all possible...

If you're sick and tired of watching money fall in the lap of others, while you fall behind, this could be the most important website you'll ever come across...

Everything Could Change From This Point On...

Right now... this very minute an incredible, ultra-lucrative opportunity awaits YOU, and you'd want to seize it now!

This is unlike anything you've EVER seen.

My name is Jaz Lai

Chances are, you've probably never heard of me.

This is because I'm a pivotal member of a moneymaking 'underground', made up of  the shrewdest business, marketing and technical minds the online world has never seen.

The stunning triumphs I have pulled off and orchestrated, are only known in the Internet circles in hushed whispers.

So while other marketers are sitting around in roundtable discussions... having a frivolous argument over being 'disrespected in some forums' ...

I'm pushing a few 'buttons' and watching fungolas crash in to my bank account by the hundreds of thousands.

It's gotten to the point that it's absolutely effortless.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but I figured out how to

Get Internet Cash Rushing Into Your Bank Account - Instantly!

It’s hard to describe that feeling.

The sheer magic of pushing a button and literally watching the screen as money tumbles into your bank account.

Anytime (and I really mean ANY time) I want to use this system, I just push the button and walk away.

The system does the rest for me.

It's an incredible funnel that sucks in Internet cash like an out of control vacuum cleaner.

If I decide to go on vacation with my family, I turn this baby on, and the entire trip is taken care of.

I mean...

Take A Look At How I Made $18,474.89 By Pushing The 'Magic' Button

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Need a new car?

No problem, I just push the button, and 24 hours later, I'd have the car paid for in cash.

In short, I can use this incredible system anytime I need it to generate instant funds.

I call it...


"Inbox Cash Blueprint!"

Click Here Now For Instant Access!

This smoking system is the most practical “learn it tonight and use it tomorrow” collection of instant Internet cashflow secrets any one could ever ask for.

It's an amazing breakthrough in "interactive" training that allows you to cram months of "Deadly Cashflow Generation Tactics" into a condensed power packed hour of actual training right at the comfort of your own home!

You'll have an integrated internet cash generation plan that's like a precision-engineered Swiss watch right at your fingertips!

You'll be able to radically SHORTEN your learning curve in this mysterious 'subject' called "making money online", SLASH away all that 'trial and error' and get results - lightning fast!

What they've done is to squash the garbage that passes for moneymaking wisdom out there touted by all those self proclaimed 'gurus' and replaced it with a scientific, results-oriented approach that is based on what works.

It's so simple that you'll be laughing at all the 'rest of the guys' once you get the 'hang' of it.

Don't bother about all that dorky Search Engine stuff that puts you at the mercy of the "big boy search engines".

This is a SINGLE 'work every time' Instant Inbox Cash System that requires hardly any technical skills and you can get started RIGHT AWAY, even if you have only $30 in your pocket!

This removes ALL the mystery of making money online for you, literally within the space of an hour. All the fluff you’d have to wade through in a useless bulky manual loaded with crap from yet another 'guru' has been eliminated.

Simply sit back,  and 'soak' up all that information like a sponge.

This is the equivalent of the most intense, one-on-one personal E-training you’ll ever experience. Completely raw and uncensored.

No longer do you have to 'stumble' in the 'land of the blind'.

This is the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's like having a hacksaw to bash through the jungle when everyone else is using a machete.

Success Trak #1: Laying The Foundation

In this module, I teach you everything about creating an Instant Cash Blueprint model from the scratch. And I'm talking about core fundamentals and rooting materials here.

You'll learn:

The true secret about Internet Marketing and what it is. Once you learn this, it will all make sense to you and your business.

Hosting companies and why it is the biggest hype ever advertised.

The 3 things your hosting company must have before you make a commitment to them.

Web design and what you need to know about it... Don't worry you won't need to learn HTML and a bunch of other stuff that will waste your time.

How to get a web designer for pennies on the dollar.

Where to find all the pre-designed websites you could ever want 100% FREE!

How to get your hands on the FREE HTML EDITOR he started with and sometimes still use today. You won't be able to get this on the net. I saved a copy from years ago.

Why Fortune 500 companies mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you when you are starting your Internet Business.

The key to selling on the Internet and how anyone can do it anytime they want.

The number one ingredient to make your product or service sell like hotcakes.

Copywriting basics and how you can write your own copy even if you have never written an ad ever in your life. It's not hard and this simple technique will pay for itself over and over

What the best type of product to market on the Internet is and how you can create it in a matter of a few short hours.

Learn how one software which costs less than $30 will be your best friend and allow you to create product after product anytime you want to.

Why autoresponders are important and how you are losing time and money every single day if you are not using them properly.

Autoresponder follow-up systems for sales, prospects and research.

The perfect Autoresponder follow-up system and how you can use it in the next few minutes after listening to generate ongoing income for the next 12 months.

Popups and if you should us them.

What I found out after testing 12 different popups from my websites and how you can benefit from my hours and hours of testing.

Graphics and the dangers of using them on the internet.

What graphics work and what graphics don't.

Automating your sales system - Without automation you will run yourself into the ground. Do you really think Armand and his internet marketing friends really work that hard?

How you can create your own sales automation system in the next 30 minutes starting with nothing and sleep knowing your business is taken care of.

What to do after the sale.

Sales Cycles and why understanding this one concept will skyrocket your business to the next level whether you are new to the Internet or have an existing business.

Credit Card Processors - How to find the best credit card processor for your business.

How to put it all together with a game plan you can use for your business and any other business you have in the future.


Success Trak #2: Putting The Blueprint To Work

In this module, we cover more advanced stuff like...

How to push a button... and unleash floods of customers that that are practically wetting themselves to hand you money...

How to use "taken for granted" Internet Marketing tactics to demolish small niches and turn "little fish" into the Bullies Of The Ocean (I'm positive that even you know about these techniques... but you'd never think to use them the way that I have!)

The "5 Characteristic" formula that will doubtlessly identify every profitable niche... and tell you which ones to stay far away from...

How to become a guru in any niche overnight... and make people trust you so much that they'll throw their money at you (You're going to be shocked at how easy this is.)

Three specific letters that will make you an absolute killing online (You'll never look at the alphabet the same way again.)

A painstakingly simple wealth-building blueprint...

One precise word to use in your titles when naming products... it'll sell you hordes of copies every single time...

A cloak-and-dagger "X" factor that will make you a guru overnight....(No need to waste any time making wads of cash)

The exact resources that I use to catapult my business and save money at the same time (There's just no need to waste money on high-tech crap when you know about these free alternatives.)

Nine traits that are absolutely crucial to success (Without these, you're destined for failure.)

Precise names and contact information of content creators to use... so no time is wasted dealing with low quality third-world workers...

A super-stealth trick to use if business should happen to plateau.... which gives you more customers than you can handle (Not to mention the extra cash.)


Success Trak #3:Putting Your Inbox Cash Blueprint On Steroids

Last, but not least, you get the creme de la creme...

How to immediately annihilate any competitor... using sheer brute force (Using this tactic leaves your prey absolutely defenseless!)

How to get industry experts to be the "face" of your product... all you do is sit back and collect the profits...

One specific word that will make customers fall over themselves trying to shovel money your way (This word has downright hypnotic powers.)

How to eliminate the guess-work and figure out exactly what your market wants and how to fill it... without wasting one single, solitary second...

How to create sites that funnel scads of traffic to your products... (You'll hit your forehead and wonder why you never tried this yourself.)

Exact domain names that will get you listed high in the search engines... even if your site sucks!

How to get your customers to promote on your behalf... without you lifting a finger! (You'll giggle like a schoolgirl when you read this one.)

How to instantly get top 10 listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN... for whatever niche you choose...

How to effortlessly create lists of hyper-responsive buyers that have already purchased other products in your niche (This is the quickest possible way to get new customers. Period.)

How to launch any product and have it spread like fire instantaneously...

How to get your customers to create your product for you... without having to pay them (You'll wonder why you ever considered outsourcing.)

How to take a one-time product... and package it as a membership site so that you can have recurring payment time and time again (When you read about this, you're going to be stark raving mad... especially if it was done to you.)

A secret strategy that practically forces people to buy your upsells...

How to have people practically begging to be on your list (I've considered shutting down lists just to toy with people!)

How to make your customers feel as if you're offering immense value... even though you're not doing any extra work...

A simple feature to add to any product that people will immediately pay hundreds for... even though it takes little to no effort on your part (Your eyes are going to widen to the size of saucers when you realize how insane this is.)

How to make any customer eagerly plunk down money any time you create a new product... giving you scores of customers for life...

What the perfect upsell for any product is... and why your customers will inhale it (This is a simple maneuver that appeals to basic human nature.)

How to get the most respected and proven affiliates falling over themselves to promote your product... every time (Do this and it'll be like you've outsourced your own personal sales force.)

How to create brimming-with-value products for literally pennies on the dollar...

How to get people so eager to visit your site... that they almost break the clickers on their mouses... (This is one of my personal favorites.)

How to get so much free publicity for your site that people will think you've hired an agent...

How to take products that you're already offering... but craft them in such a way that you'll double, triple, and quadruple your profit (I smile just thinking about how easy this is.)

How to have the same product as everyone else in your niche... but make yours sell 10x more...

How to take a $97 investment and flip it into the $3k - $5k range... effortlessly (This one boggles peoples' minds.)

A huge mistake that you need to avoid (There are a certain group of... I'll say it... morons... that people love to hire. Don't do it! It's terrible for your business.)

How to work with top gurus... and get paid for it!

How to become a super-affiliate ($10,000 or more a month) in any non-IM niche... using a ridiculously easy and FREE technique (One of my friends read about this and stayed up for 53 hours straight because of all the ideas racing through his head.)

How to demand any amount of money you want from a niche (This is literally the equivalent of holding a pen and a blank checkbook.)

How to answer any question in a forum (You'll never again have to think, "I know answering this would give me so much credibility... but I just don't know!")

What people will pay any amount of money for...and how to use it to your benefit (Try not to get too evil with this one.)

How to literally glue members to your membership site... and make them never want to leave (This is a little controversial... but it doesn't stop me.)

How to get top-notch work from any ghostwriter (Follow this and you'll never have to tell a horror story again.)

What will make you even more money than masses of traffic (And no... I'm not going to tell you to work on your sales copy.)

....and so much more!

It's all meat!

I've really just skimmed the surface of all you're going to learn from my Inbox Cash Blueprint.

You'll realize as you go through the blueprint, how much immediately useful information you get in such a short period of time.

I guarantee once you've gone through this incredible blueprint, you won't have a single shred of self doubt when you're carrying implementing this plan. All the guesswork has completely been taken out!

Trust me, my Inbox Cash Blueprint will give you a complete paradigm shift, opening your mind to non-conventional, streetsmart, savvy marketing tactics, broadening your overall strategic awareness; thus presenting you with a myriad of possibilities… empowering you to choose the combination most appealing to you.

You learn hardcore 'non-traditional', 'battle tested', real world marketing tactics that work. Make no mistake.

This is the stuff that WORKS.

It's not some 'pie-in-the sky' pipe dream theory that will only work if we live in a perfect world.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

The whole idea of the course is that you will be able to internalize all that you’ve learnt so that making accurate business decisions become second nature to you.

No more “I just flushed money down the toilet bowl syndrome anymore!”

And The Best Part Is...Everything runs on Auto-Pilot!

Once the system has been set-up it runs completely on auto-pilot!

Too good to be true?

I'd think so to. But the truth is, thousands of people like you and I are ALL doing it NOW at this very moment.

And if you make the choice this 'dream' can become your reality. I guarantee it!

This is an moron-proof, powerful high income generation system that will work for you regardless of your current income level, education or 'knowledge' of computers. ( I don't know HTML at all!)

The only thing standing between you and success, is YOU.

My Inbox Cash Blueprint stacks the odds 100% in your favor.

Almost everything has been done for you.

All you have to do, is decide how large you want your income to be, use my turnkey money-making materials, stretch yourself out in a cozy chair, and watch the cash roll in!

You'll see it happen day after day without fail, never ceasing to work for you and is practically effortless!

You can go as fast or slow as you like with absolutely no stress.

There is nothing to 'think about' at all. My automatic turnkey system virtually does ALL the work for you.

No risk, no trial and error, no guessing

With your permission, I'm gonna allow you to literally steal all the hard work that I have done.

If you were to decide how to put this system together from scratch, it would easily take you hundreds of hours of frustration trying to piece the puzzle together not to mention the thousands of dollars that I have personally invested to precision-tune this baby like an F1 racing engine.

How much can you expect to realistically make?

All you need to do is follow the simple steps laid out for you and connect the dots to complete the picture.

If you can 'cut-and-paste', you are instantly qualified to start raking in dollars online that you have been denied.

IF Your System Is So Powerful Jaz, Why Would You Share It With Me?


Over the years, I've already made MY fortune and proven to myself that my Inbox Cash Blueprint works.


Fast forward to today... now the system is so “dialed-in” that a brand new Inbox Cash Blueprint model can be created, developed and turned loose every 24 hours... and that’s not too bad considering that...

It Only Takes One Killer Instant Cash Blueprint To Flood Your Bank Account With Obscene Amounts Of Cash For Years!

By discovering this information, not only are you being handed the keys to the vault... you're getting your own personal bodyguard as you shovel as much cash into a van as possible.

More importantly...

Unlike anything else you will find anywhere else, the Inbox Cash Blueprint actually molds itself to YOU because of the unique way it’s been designed.

Starting from ground zero, with nothing more than the desire for something more… my Inbox Cash Blueprint can transform your financial life faster than you can ever imagine.

Ask yourself, where else in the world can you find such a hugely lucrative opportunity that allows you to operate a business with...

No products to ship

No talking to anyone

No technical skills

No hassles

No headaches
No employees

No office

No postage

No long hours

No worries


Could This Be The World's Most Perfect Business?

Yes, all these benefits are yours without you having to take any risks at anytime. There just isn't ANY opportunity that comes close...

You will help yourself by getting and making money with this system that is designed to make you money and profit from the get-go!

Sit-back and make money in as little as 25 minutes a day!

Start without a product, website, or any business experience.

Almost impossible to miss. Really.

My Inbox Cash Blueprint's  “plug ‘n play” framework is a system, complete with all the tools you need, broken down into an easy to follow format so it’s not overwhelming. You’re never left wondering what to do next.

You're Just One Click Away From A New Life!

If what I told you was true, can you picture how your radically different your life will be with all that newfound cash.

Just think...

No more struggling just to 'get by'.

Fire your overbearing boss, pay off your debts, buy a new car, a dream home, a vacation house for your family, set aside a college fund for your kids.

Imagine... no longer having to wake up to an irritating alarm clock.

You could have already made hundreds of dollars in your sleep even before taking a shower.

Still, the best part is not so much the money, but the fact that I am now living life on my own terms! I don't have to punch in to a clock, and I don't have to answer to anybody anymore!

I work whenever I like, wherever I like and I take a break when ever I darn well please.

Heck I can take a vacation whenever I like, and STILL make money, even while I'm on vacation!

I don't have any inventory, I work from my bedroom, I don't have to incur huge office overheads, and I never have to 'cold call' and sell anything on the phone. ( Actually, I never have to talk to anyone on the phone)

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier to make huge sums of money today than ever before!

The Internet is flinging it's doors open to the little guy like you and me. Many people are making HUGE Internet Profits.

Now YOU can be one of them!

The time is perfect to get your piece of the billions of dollars that are being generated online.

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that my Inbox Cash Blueprint could easily sell for hundreds of dollars and it'd be an absolute steal!

After all, you'd have to be insane not to exchange a few hundred bucks for a thousands of dollars, every month, possibly every day for the rest of your life.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for my Inbox Cash Blueprint is only $29.95.

So what's the catch?

Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it's really quite simple.

Frankly, I think long and hard about delivering this exclusive information only as part of a high-priced seminar where I charged at least $10,000 per person.

But I have a bone to pick with all those 'gurus' who package CRAP at price tags of $1997 or more, simply because they have the clout to pull off all those product launches that find their way into your inbox, and I don't want you to think I'm associated with those guys in any way, shape or form.

So instead of going to all the trouble of arranging for a room and taking time out of my schedule - I settled on an instant download as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me) at  a price that literally ANYONE can afford.

That's why the entire Inbox Cash Blueprint is only $29.95. (Don't worry downloading everything is a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users plus you still get all the bonuses listed below.)

But Wait, That's Not All!

Act now, And I'll throw in an exclusive bonus...

Yours Absolutely FREE!
"The Charter Inbox Cash Blueprint Reseller Membership!"

I'll plunk you right into the driver's seat and put you in the business of flooding YOUR inbox with cash - Absolutely FREE!

And you'll be able to start ramming boatloads of cash into your inbox without any list, product or website!

In just minutes from now, you'll be able to "turn on" your personal replica of this incredible profit pulling multimedia webpage you're reading now and generate a whopping 75% commissions of EVERY sale you make! That's up to to $138 PER sale!

Simply invest in the "Inbox Cash Blueprint", and you'll get this amazing privilege FREE! Everything has been done for you!

You don't have to go through the trouble of designing a website, creating a product, getting web-hosting, hiring a copywriter, tearing your hair out to accept credit card payments.

No inventory to stock, nothing to publish! Things like this could easily add up to the thousands. You do nothing else but what you're supposed to do.

Just Flood Your Inbox With Cash!

Think about it...

Now you not only use the Inbox Cash Blueprint to learn how to make money, you'll actually be making money WITH it!

Commissions are paid via checks once every 2 weeks without fail through a third party merchant and all you have to do, is to follow the Inbox Cash Blueprint to a T, and sit back and cash in those big fat checks!

Let's Take A Look At Some Very Conservative Numbers...

Number Of Daily Visitors  Who Visit Your Site And Give You $138

Potential Monthly Income

Potential Yearly Income
3 $2898 $34,776
5 $4830 $57,960
7 $6762 $81,144

Do the math! My statistics have shown, that 9 out of every 100 targeted visitors who visit this website WILL invest in the Inbox Cash Blueprint.

Now, this means, each targeted visitor that you send to your reseller website is potentially worth $9.31!

Question: What if I showed you how to get targeted visitors like these for just $0.05 - $0.15? (You'll learn how to do that in the Inbox Cash Blueprint, as well as some ingenious FREE advertising methods)

You see, making money is not rocket science. It's pure math and psychology.

Personally, I don't care if you flunked high school or if you don't know how to design a webpage.

You can do this IF you want to, and you're serious about it!

Don't Decide Now
- Just Try Everything At My Risk

Can my Inbox Cash Blueprint change your life?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But the only way to find is to try everything in my program out entirely at my risk. My Inbox Cash Blueprint comes with a 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

In fact, here's my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out all the material at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if they don't produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I'll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving your product a try.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce immediate profits using my system then I'm the loser, not you.

Very bluntly...

This system has set me free and it was done in plain English that an eleven year old would understand.

It's gonna be changing the lives of a lot of marketers out there who would never imagine just how 'practical and 'simple' the whole system is.

In fact, the guys who are already using this system are probably ALL making shitloads of money as you're reading this and that's the god's honest truth!

And more importantly, they're having lots of FUN!

How about you? Don't envy them. Join them!

You will 'get' this. I've made sure of that.

So as far as I'm concerned, this is a really a non-decision...

But if you ask yourself this, "Will I be set free? Will my life change?"


You owe it to yourself to tap the hidden payload of raw moneymaking power you've been ignoring your entire life!

Wouldn't you finally want to achieve that success that has been eluding you all this while?

Ultimately, it's all up to you.

Do you seriously desire to live life on your own terms? If you do, then you'd realize that this is one bus you cannot afford to miss...

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!

But hey, I ALSO know that 91 out of every 100 people who read till this point will sorta chicken out and not take advantage of this incredible opportunity they've been presented with.

Why? I don't know.

Maybe they don't really believe in themselves and they don't think that they can do it, or they feel that trading dollars for hours would give them more 'security'.

It's not that difficult to cook up an excuse.

So if you're serious, just simply stop doing the one silly thing that is robbing you of your own god given right to succeed...

Quit Making Excuses!

There are ebooks, and courses which you can purchase anywhere from $37- $495.

This is NOT just another ebook or another 'course'. It's a complete SYSTEM!

More importantly, I want you to understand just what's at stake for you here...

It's your FREEDOM.

This is a complete system that is designed to SET YOU FREE!

You have nothing to lose... and thousands of dollars to gain.

But you need to take action NOW before it's too late!

That's because this price is going to be available for a limited time only.

I have every intention of raising the price to $97 very soon... and then $127... and higher and higher... until I find the highest possible selling point.

Because like I said... even charging $497 compared to thousands of dollars on autopilot is more than worth it.

So all you need to do now is sign up right now...

Click on the button below for an instant download of this material. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download everything along with your FREE Bonuses.

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t doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am in the morning!
You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes... and using it to flood your inbox with instant cash!


Multiplying Your income Without The Work!

Jaz Lai

There are 3 kinds of people. People who hope for things to happen, people who make things happen, and people who wonder what happened. Which group do you belong to?

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